Chocolate muffins for the chocolate lovers, with..zucchini?

I am a cake person. And a chips person. But bake a cake in front of me, and I am sold. Whenever I’m craving things, I tend to go through recipes online or in my clean-eating cookbooks, and pick things that I want to bake. Now, Line and I have tried several low-carb recipes, but we aaaalways fail. It smells nice. It looks good. But tastes horrible. And it is so disappointing.


Green Kitchen Stories does, however, never fail. Everything I’ve tried (even though I alter the recipes a tad) has been a success, and it has even been approved by the sugar-monsters in my house. The same goes for the chocolate muffins I baked yesterday. 


I get that many people are scared when they see vegetables as ingredients in cakes, but think of a carrot cake and how delicious that is! You can’t taste the zucchini, it’s only there for the moisture of the muffins (not to mention it does come with health benefits).

I followed this recipe, but instead of maple syrup (which I consider to be sugar), I used five fresh medjool-dates. I know a lot of people are hesitant towards using dates (or dried figs for that matter) in food because they “don’t like them”, but when used as a sugar/syrup replacement, it becomes more like a caramel-y, sweet syrup, and the “date-flavor” disappears. I cut the dates in little pieces and melted them in a pot with three tbs of coconut milk.


Oh, can anyone tell me what the difference between baking soda and baking powder is? I’ve always thought it was the same..

I didn’t have spelt flour, so I used almond flour, and the butter can be replaced with coconut oil. I didn’t really have all the spices or nuts either, but I put in heaps of cardamom, cinnamon and raw cocoa powder, and used almonds, peanuts and cashews instead of walnuts. 


If I had remembered to buy soy cream cheese, I obviously would have made the frosting too – which I think would have made them absolutely perfect. 

Line enjoyed her muffin with a class of milk, Danny (my other housemate) enjoyed it with a big “YUM” and I enjoyed mine with some sugar-free chocolate on top. We’ve had a little photoshoot today (I am exhausted) to change the design of this blog, and I brought some muffins and power-bars to bribe the allergic-to-everything-photographer and chocolate-loving-assistant, and they both wanted to make it again at home. Warms my little health-freak-heart.

I spent my friday afternoon with my lovely physio, playing with balance boards and what-not, and my ankle is luckily heading in the direction we want it to. I can’t run or jump yet (though I might have done that during the shoot today..), but I am finally allowed to slowly include my all-time favorite leg day! I did a full body-workout this morning and boy are my legs sore.. I’m assuming my 70kg hip-thrusts are gonna be somewhat reduced when I attempt that again. Oh well, baby steps.



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