Routine break-up

Thanks for all the worrying messages regarding my little fitness ‘breakdown’, I promise I will be fine! Even though it can be considered a bit personal, I think it is important for you to know that life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows for everyone. You think I’m this gym machine who can do everything, but I’m not. We’re all human, and I’m not gonna portray myself as someone who never struggles.


I went to bootcamp yesterday and it was great, my body did however feel heavy and there was no chance of pushing beyond any limits – but the point is that I did it and enjoyed it. Waking up by myself at about 7 is kind of annoying when I can’t go to the gym though. My plan said ‘walk’ today, but because my routine is to wake up and exercise before breakfast, I forced myself to break that routine, and left the walk for after lunch. I have, in other words, had plenty of time to make breakfast, and what’s better than pancakes? Even breaking up my breakfast-routine. Good little Norwegian.


I have made a colourful little plan where I count down the days until my rest is over, and I’ve promised myself one hell of a vegan chocolate-cheesecake (healthy of course) once I’ve managed to fully rest. I’m easy to bribe.

My friends have this thing where they all go ‘let’s grab a coffee’, and I’m like… I don’t like coffee. And as much as I love my green/herbal tea, I feel a bit lame not being able to partake in the fun coffee-drinking. When I have to get up at 5 am, all I do is wish I liked coffee. But I don’t. I’ve tried, but every attempt sends me right back to that one time 12 year-old Marita thought she ordered a chocolate ice-cream which turned out to be a coffee ice-cream in France. Yeah, scarred for life.


People have been drinking chai-lattes around me for ages, but after I had it in India 3 times a day for about two months, I just haven’t been able to let it tempt me. Until last week. I tried a soy chai-latte and was sold. Absolutely amazing. Thinking to myself it was only chai-tea and steamed soy-milk I was drinking, I’ve been having it a bit too often. But I have this annoying habit that makes me a googler, I google everything. Turns out, most places use chai-powder and syrups which are packed with sugar. They also use honey (not the raw kind that actually comes with nutritional benefits, but the processed kind), and guess what you guys – soy-milk contains added sugar too! As I learned this, I realized I might as well could’ve had hot chocolate topped with whipped cream all this time. So I’ve given making my own a go. Almond-milk chai-latte. Steamed almond milk, spiced chai tea bag, hot water and cinnamon/raw cocoa. Definitely not as tasty as the real deal, but no shit Sherlock, removing sugar from things tend to have that effect. Our milk-steamer doesn’t even make it any better.


But I still drink it. At least I feel kinda grown-up and all that. My mom has taught me that black tea and coffee stains your teeth, and as I’ve had a VERY painful encounter with bleaching my teeth, I can’t justify drinking things that will possibly make me have to do it again (it is not worth it, just no way), so I’m using a straw. Lame, I know. So here I am, learning all the chapters I skipped in Biology Higher Level when doing the IB. Amazing how things turn around and how much you’re willing to learn if it interests you.

I’m also a milkshake kind of girl, and this weekend I made one inspired by Green Kitchen Stories. Blend frozen raspberries and lime juice. Pour in the bottom of a glass. Blend two frozen bananas, 2 tbs nut-butter, raw cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder (optional) and almond milk/milk of choice, and pour on top of the raspberry mixture. Use a straw to drink it (important – the flavours go so well together with a straw), it’s amazing.



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