Restless Norwegian

Jesus Christ, all this spare time has left me wondering what people do when they don’t include gym in their daily routine. My days have seemed sooo long. Besides learning things I technically already knew about the body, I’ve done a lot of walking, a lot of eating and a lot of experimenting. On friday I made two different cheesecakes, granola AND crisp bread. Yes, all for me. Yesterday I went to the beach – swam 3 times in the ocean (might have been like swimming in Norway during spring, but anything for the beach hair), and today I drowned in rain on my way home from buying…kale. Melbourne. Oh the joy.



Did you guys know that your skeleton renews itself about every tenth year, so that if your posture is shit today, you’ll be suffering for it when you’re older? My posture happens to be terrible, but I’m for sure going to work on that. Yeah I might end up being the crazy cat-lady, but I’m for sure not gonna be the humpback crazy cat-lady!


Anyway. When I was arguing/crying/being annoying in the gym office last weekend, one of my concerns with this whole rest from exercise thing was that I would become obsessed with the food. We all know that it’s a matter of energy in vs energy out, and I thought that once the energy out was cut, I’d become crazy about the food. Or stop eating healthy and go down the unhealthy path. But none of that happened.


Even though all exercise is stopped, my body still requires about 1750 calories a day to simply stay alive. And eating healthy is what I do. It’s my thing. I’m not just doing it to look good, I’m doing it because I thoroughly enjoy eating like that. I love vegetables, I love fruit, I love weird healthy things. I love spending ridiculous amounts of time grocery shopping, reading ingredients of weird, new things in the supermarket or buying strange things from my fruit-lady (who sings for me, everyday) up the road that I have to google what to do with before I can eat it (like the kale I bought today..people drink that stuff??). I can also spend an entire day reading recipes, even though I don’t know how to follow one, or spend the same amount people would on beer on exciting-looking nuts from the Turkish guy in the nut-shop who is amazed by my ability to always look as if I’m going to the gym. It’s just what I do.


My point is, that once you’ve made something your lifestyle, it becomes a natural thing to do. I wouldn’t change any of my meals for what other people might consider food. Having that said, I’ve had enough cheesecake for half of Australia, I’ve had a chocolate frappuchino from Starbucks WITH whipped cream (which was so disappointing, totally not worth the calories), swedish Ikea-lollies, chocolate and a frozen yoghurt this weekend, aka I have for sure been cheating. I can’t wait for next week and my normal workout routine to be back though, sure – resting has been great, but I love working out, and I’ve been so restless for the past few days which hopefully means that my rest and recovery period has worked its wonders. PULL-UPS COME AT ME. Or at least, let me survive the next 6 weeks of 6 am bootcamps.


Oh, and I have to tell you about my cheesecake adventure. I was going to follow this recipe, buuut that didn’t happen. For the base I pretty much just toasted sunflower-seeds, pumpkin-seeds and oats in a dry frying pan and let them cool off. Then I blended it with 12 medjool dates and 3 tbs of coconut oil and some lemon zest. Press down in a pan and set to cool in the fridge. Top with.. anything. I used soy cream cheese whipped with melted dark (at least 70%) chocolate (weekend treat, that chocolate still contains HEAPS of sugar) and raw cocoa for one, and soy cream cheese whipped with a low calorie (yeah full of preservatives) lemon jelly. At first I thought the soy cream cheese sort of tasted a bit like tofu, but it has grown on me – I almost like it now. And hey, these things aaaalmost look like cake.



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