Sunday talk

I’ve been researching a bit, trying to find some science related health talk that I can stuff down your throat. But I don’t have anything to force upon you this wonderful Sunday. This blog did, as most of you know, start as a uni thing, and now that that subject is over, I don’t really have to write anymore. I do, however, kind of like writing it. And I mean, you guys are reading it. And sending me all your weird messages of love. So maybe I’ll keep it up for a while longer.


My first week back in the gym after resting has been successful, and after smashing out my leg-day on Friday, I am so sore that even turning around in my bed is a struggle. My spine is sore, my ass is on fire and my calves are about to cramp every time I attempt lifting my legs. Pain before beauty, hey? Being sore is, of course, not dangerous so even though I tend to be the complainer of all complainers after (even during) a gym session, I’m happy knowing that I’m still able to change my routines up and do things my muscles aren’t overly used to. Not to mention that even after resting, I was still able to push through 80kg hip thrusts, my only talent in life.


One thing that is dangerous though, is knees in pain. And mine are, for some reason, giving me hell. My fucked up knee is swollen and annoying. Squats are generally the biggest problem when it comes to my knees, and even though I lowered the amount of weights with 10kg compared to what I normally do, I’m struggling with any movement requiring the outside of my knee/quadriceps/even hamstring to act. It might be the hill-sprints I’ve been doing at bootcamp, and it might be the jumping squats I’ve been playing around with. I hate when my body goes against me and what I want to do, but in teaching you to listen you to listen to your bodies, I’m gonna have to practice what I preach and try taping my knee and working a different way this upcoming week. We are, after all, stuck with our bodies for the rest of our lives, no need to jeopardize it by being stubborn or stupid.



I read so many health/fitness/food blogs, and whenever they put up new recipes, I’m always tempted to try. On the menu this weekend; ginger bread tasting things á Norwegian Fotballfrue (soccer wife something something). The recipe is in Norwegian, I know, try google translating it.They were meant to look something like this


Mine did however look more like this


Still no wife-material in this girl

…and yes that is mangoes in the background. All 3 for me. The fruit people in Coburg have the best deals on mangoes, but don’t tell anyone, I like keeping them to myself.

Now, anything baked that I’ve tried from this blogger usually tastes absolutely nothing or absolutely disgusting, and even though I made a syrup of 4 dates instead of yacon syrup (what is that, anyway?), doubled the amount of spices and even added some garam massala (it’s like ginger bread in a spice box), the flavour was still lacking. And they were not even remotely crispy. But I ate them all. Almost by myself. Can’t waste food, right?


In-between my workout sessions and failed baking sessions, I spend about 6 hours studying PT-stuff from my mac, and staring at a screen for that long has left my eye twitching for the past 2 days. I had to google why eyes twitch, and the most common reason is of course using them too much. I’m not talking about generally using them to ‘see’, but staring at a screen for 6 hours, only interrupted by my study-breaks of watching some silly show (Kardashians…..guilty pleasure) on the same screen, has left its marks. So today I went to the library.


I went to the library and signed up to borrow books. Now, I used to do that all the time when I was younger (yeah, I like to read, big time geek alert), but after I started going to uni, reading is sort of something I never do anymore (okay I buy Men’s Health now and then, as Woman’s Health is full of ‘how to get skinny in 7 days’ kind of articles, but magazines don’t count). I didn’t borrow any research related books (okay, I might have requested this one, but come on – nutrition is my baby), only books that I want to read. No Instagram, no Twitter (not that I use mine for anything but stalking, my friends have used it to annoy celebrities with random tweets), no Facebook, no gym, no blogs, no Spotify. I think doing things we forget we used to highly enjoy is very important.


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