Who would have thought

This guy


is my hero in life.

Anyway. This little Norwegian has been a busy bee. I’m officially a certified personal trainer, and I was expecting to sort of have to struggle around getting a job and that, but no – hired on the spot. 2014 is going to be one hell of a hectic year. Might have to see myself happy with ‘only’ 7 exercise sessions a week. Crazy how life can turn around, hey. I’ve also started writing for Sano Mag, and you can find my tips to not gain weight during the holidays here. Got some interesting articles planned for you after New Years, the body is so fascinating – you have no idea. If everyone just knew how the body is connected and communicates, there would be a lot less pain going on.

PTA Global has probably changed the way I view exercise, and I hope that I can do the same to my prospective clients. Jeez, who would have thought that the same Marita who was hating on daddy for taking her exercising as a kid, would be so excited to work with.. exercise?


Amongst many things, I’ve learnt self-myofascial release aka foam rolling properly – and boy does it hurt. The first time I did it, I actually felt physically sick, as in I had to take a break, sit down and breathe while slowly drinking cold water to avoid throwing up. Lots of toxins and tense muscles going on in this body? Yeah, I think so too. Let’s just say that my definition of pain in the muscles changed after I’d foam rolled my adductors (inside of thighs) and quads (front thighs), and the importance of breathing properly definitely struck my mind as I was going through that painful phase.


Having finally finished my PT stuff, I was so tired and exhausted that all I could do was get a massage and sleep for an entire weekend. I am one of those people who underestimates rest (I always feel like I don’t have time to rest), but this week has been one crazy amazing workout-week as I took the weekend off doing absolutely nothing. Full of energy, new personal bests in pretty much everything I did, and guess what – we did my measurements and I didn’t cry this time – even though I had put on weight. I had gone up 1,5kg, but my body fat had gone down, and we all know what that means; I have put on muscle. I feel awesome, I feel stronger, and I’m so proud of myself for all the hard work I’ve put in this year – I even dare say that this is probably the fittest I’ve ever been. I actually think all you sporty-spice people out there should be proud of the investment you’ve made in your bodies and health.



My family has this thing of sending me a little survival kit every 6 months, I always ask for only a few items, but my dad tends to go a bit overboard.


Yeah, I tried so hard to avoid tasting anything until Sunday (which was going to be my cheat-day this week as I’m going out today), but I somehow ate a whole bag of chocolate on my own yesterday. I even tried my own trick of going for a walk to avoid the candy-cravings, but when that didn’t work – I gave in. I believe that sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. A little miss now and then isn’t doing any harm, but when that little miss becomes a miss very often.. well, then you might need to have a serious chat with your brain and convince yourself that sugar is poison and causes inflammations in your body.


Was hanging out with my new christmas present yesterday, and I know it’s lame to admit BUT IT IS SO SO SO COOL, pretty sure I have the best dad in the world for giving me these much needed technological things. (And yes, that might be homemade gingerbread in the background, wheat, sugar and butter – all in one serving).

Okay, I was gonna do a whole speech on something, but I’ve sort of trailed off here, haven’t I? Well I’ll tell you how to make awesome chips (learnt this from my housemate Steve) and then I’ll annoy you more in 2014. Thinly slice potatoes (and I mean thinly), put them in a bowl and in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Spread them on a tray and put whatever oil/spices you want on top, and cook in the oven on 200 degrees for about 15 minutes. Pay attention though, they burn quickly.

IMG_5306(let’s not mock the masterchef skills here, and yeah I didn’t slice all of them thinly enough, but if you do slice them thinly, you will get crispy as chips – promise).

I’m spending Christmas and New Years in Sydney (and guess who’s gonna force her friends to do a little holiday bootcamp while she’s up there? heheh), and I will of course be enjoying all the traditional Christmas food and candy as much as I possibly can (without feeling too sick, I hope), but my body functions better when it is fed vegetables and fruit too.


Let’s aim for a healthy 2014 too, you guys!

Days of our lives

Or my life, at least. Thought I’d give you a little look into what my oh so glamorous life looks like these days, simply to prove my point of how easy it is to exercise and eat right if you prioritize it.

This picture pretty much sums up my predicted future.


But let’s talk about right now. Planning is the key. I always make sure I buy enough vegetables and fruit, this is what last Sunday’s shopping looked like. (I also got eggs, and I’ve got turkey, chicken and fish in the freezer).


I’ve been starting my day at 5.15 to either go to boot camp or to the gym, looking feisty and fresh as I do so well. Week 7 of boot camp was hell, and my body felt so heavy, I was worried it was gonna stop moving at one point.



I’m then typically in a hurry and have about 45 minutes to do all that necessary girl stuff before I have to leave the house again. Breakfast at 7.30 (usually eaten whilst putting make up on or packing food for the rest of the day) – porridge of rolled oats, water and cinnamon, topped with a banana, peanut butter and whatever else I can find in the kitchen, a boiled egg, and omega-3 and magnesium pills swallowed with water. Oh, and some green tea – if I have time.


After a couple of hours at PTA Global, I’m hungry again, and it’s snack-time. My go-to-snack these days have been cookies made by mixing an egg, pb2, almond milk and a ripe banana with oats, coconut, almonds, a couple of vanilla stevia drops and chopped figs and nuts. And I’ve gone carrot-crazy, pretty sure I eat about 5 a day, if not more.

Followed by more information about the world of exercise comes lunch. This week has been full of salads as I roasted sweet potato, normal potato, pumpkin and carrot and a couple of chicken breasts in the oven to keep in the fridge when quick fixes for food was needed. Never a meal without dessert, I always keep fruit nearby.

IMG_5165That lunch box was topped with spinach, avocado, mango and cucumber after the picture was taken.

At PTA Global we do a lot of exercise throughout the day (duh, it’s personal training, can’t demonstrate or learn without moving the body), which requires a little bit more energy for the body to make it to the afternoon gym session. Coconut water (the ones without added sugar of course) and another piece of fruit has been my thing the past week.

Considering that I’m already wearing workout clothes (and if I’m not too tired to function from the morning session), I travel directly to the gym again. Push through a sweaty cardio session, and straight home for dinner.


A sweaty Marita means a hungry Marita, and the tuna-crust pizza I tried the other week has for sure become one of my favourite dishes. Try mixing a bit of curry powder in the pizza base. No tuna flavour, guaranteed.


After a bit of showering and stalking people online, I do of course need dessert (yes, again), and a protein smoothie is never wrong. Frozen blueberries, banana, protein powder, almond milk, cinnamon and coconut – can never go wrong with all of that in one mix.


I also make sure I drink about 3L of water a day.

Rather than my 9 usual gym sessions this week, I ‘only’ did 7. By the end of friday my body felt like a heavy bag of sand, and I figured there was no point pushing it beyond that. I also shortened down my evening cardio sessions, and sadly missed going to body balance. My leg session on friday before my fitness instructor practical assessment was, however, magnificent. I haven’t done a high-rep leg day in ages, and it was good to be reminded that light weight and many repetitions kills too – I’m still sore.

Oh, and I’ve had a few dinners looking like this ..


I guess I’m once again trying to prove that it doesn’t have to be difficult to stay healthy. No one has to go as crazy as me, but I know that I don’t like doing weights in the afternoon, so I’d rather pass out at 9 every night to be able to get up early and get my usual morning session out of the way. Yeah it’s been tiring, and yes it has required me to pre-pack my lunch the night before, but I feel so much better when I eat right and exercise.

Right around the corner from PTA Global, they have Prahran Health Foods, and that place is like heaven. They have everything! Even the wraps I’ve ordered my dad to send me all the way from Norway! I’m not an advocate of protein bars, but everyone keeps talking about the famous Quest bars, and I’ve never bothered ordering them from iHerb because you have to order like 12, and I’d sort of like to taste one and see what they are like before ordering an entire box, but I’ve never found one in Melbourne. Prahran Health Foods had pretty much every flavour, and I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed. I hate the whey protein taste, and I do in general not like protein bars, but the Quest bars actually taste nice. They are the best protein bars I’ve ever tried, and the ingredients are a lot better than that of what you’ll find in a normal supermarket. Having that said, I still think you should reach for a banana or another type of fruit when in need of energy. There’s a reason why they’re referred to as protein chocolates.


Make time

So I realize that the last post hit a couple of nerves, Jesus – learn to not take me too seriously. It has been requested that I do one on the Australian girls too, but I’d prefer keeping myself safe, so we’ll just skip that.

Melbourne has for some reason decided to start summer properly now that I have to spend every day inside, and with summer comes ice-cream. Blend a frozen banana, mango and white nectarine with some almond milk. Freeze. Voilá!

photo 1 (3)

Started this morning by punching my PT in the face, and when I’m reminded of the hill-sprints he makes us do, I don’t even feel bad.

photo 2 (2)

You think you’re doing great running here, but as you get half way, your legs are so heavy they barely move.

I’ve started the final process of becoming a certified PT today, and the next two weeks are absolutely crazy. 5 AM wake-ups for my workouts, PT stuff all day, then back to the gym again or other social things/inspections for a new place to live. No excuses, right? Gotta admit I’m pretty exhausted after today, but it’s only two weeks, anyone can hang in there for two weeks.


Having such limited time at home has made me have to food prep, and I’ve had to buy broccoli.. We all know how I got so fed up with broccoli last summer that I haven’t had it since. Well, it’s back. People were even jealous of my lunch today! Little Norwegian making an impression. My point is, cooking extra food when you’re making dinner isn’t hard – you’re cooking anyway, right? Throwing together a salad, or making overnight oats if you don’t have extra dinner to spare is even easier. And if you can’t be bothered cooking properly when you get home late, scrambled eggs with turkey and vegetables really does the trick. People often overcomplicate things, but there is no magic trick to eating and being healthy. You just have to do it. Keep it simple, stupid.


I was thoroughly amazed by two things today.

1 – the guy teaching us has 3 jobs, he gets up at 5 every morning and gets home at 9 every night, yet he was ripped and bloody fit. Sure, he probably has a very clean diet, but muscles aren’t built without exercising, which means he MAKES TIME. If it is important enough, you will find a way. 20 minutes is better than nothing.


2 – Several ‘old’ women were there (and by ‘old’, I mean older than me and with kids, aka in their early 40’s) to learn today, and god damn it, if I look that good when I’ve given birth to and raised three kids (or at all when I grow up), I will be extremely happy with my body. First of all, when they told me their age, I literally raised my eyebrows every time. Not to mention the fact that they all had this amazing glow and whatnot to them, it almost made me excited to once having to become a grown-up. Their skin, their energy, their amazing posture. No sign of 70% of the Australian population being overweight (true story, bro) in that room, that’s for sure. They do boot camp, pull-ups, run intervals etc etc, all on top of handling a family and their own career. Respect, much?

Also, should there be some guys out there in need of some inspo related a bit more than all this girly stuff, I can recommend this guy. We went to high school together, and yes, he does go hard in the gym.

Oh, and I should probably admit that I had 3 cheat-days last week. Yeah, I still feel sick.