No one has time, we make time

If anyone is wondering how that post-Christmas workout deal was working for me the first couple of weeks..IMG_5653

Yeah, I struggled. But it’s a matter of making it a routine. I know Monday means intervals, so I put my shoes on and I do it. I know Wednesday means high-rep leg day, and no matter when I have clients that day, I make sure I get it done. If Beyonce has 24 packed hours and manages to get a workout in, then so can I. We all get the same 24 hours, we just have to MAKE THE TIME.

IMG_5680Death on the way out of the gym after leg-day.

Melbourne has been fortunate enough to have a couple of heat waves, and there’s not any other place to be than the beach or directly under the aircon. When I was little, going to the beach typically meant getting ice-cream and mom bringing snacks – and I still associate the beach with that. But, considering that I will spend the entire day at the beach every day if I get the chance, that  can’t happen. Chopping up vegetables and putting it in a box isn’t hard, which means eating healthy on the go isn’t hard either. Planning, planning and more planning.


I’ve also been practicing making rice paper rolls, let’s just say.. I’m no pro.


The past week has been spent at work. 12 hours. Pretty much every day. Does that stop me from exercising? No. Does that stop me from eating healthy? No. Okay, so it might help that my job is to spend time in a gym – but, I still have to make the effort and actually make time for the workout. Let me just tell you right now that exercising doesn’t exactly appeal all the time when you’ve been on your feet all day, forcing other people to push through a workout. And I’m surrounded by heaps of restaurants, but I still choose to prepare my own food and bring it – that way I know what I’m eating, and I’m saving money.



I also happen to have a fully booked week coming up with early morning workouts, work induction in the middle of nowhere, and clients at night. Which means I will be roasting vegetables and baking power cookies (oats, banana, nuts, seeds, peanut butter and egg) to simply bring along. It doesn’t get easier.


We went away last weekend, and managed to put in a bit of incidental activity. Exercise doesn’t always have to be about going to the gym and doing bicep curls – sometimes all it takes is a little bit of fun.

IMG_5709(don’t ask, Canadians have a weird way of doing this..)



Today is Australia day, and I wish I was out getting blind with everyone else (going on sober for over a month right now – jeez) in the perfect summer heat, but some Norwegians actually has to be responsible and get organized in terms of work. Our apartment turns into a sauna even with the aircon on, so I’ve made myself a smoothie bowl and I’m enjoying my own company. The tan I’ve built up is for sure gradually disappearing.


Okay, another rambling blog post – but sometimes that’s all I’ve got. We made cauliflower crust pizza (you know you’ve got a good boyfriend lined up when he gets excited when you suggest cooking a pizza like that) this weekend, and just to mess up my original breakfast of oats and eggs, we combined it and made an.. oatmeal cake (and ate it before I took a picture).



I’ve never been a person to make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I decided to do it. No ‘I wanna lose weight’ or ‘I’m gonna eat healthy’ bullshit, you need to be more specific than that.

I’m going to improve my core strength. It’s terrible, and I hate working on it – which means I have to. Particularly after having played with the boyfriend and an ex-marine at work (find the video on Instagram), I’ve got nothing on them, and I really wanna look cool in the gym too. I’m also going to start incorporating using the TRX into some of my workouts, as that requires you to constantly stabilize your core.

No shopping of gym clothes until my birthday. I tend to justify hanging out at the Nike shop a little bit too much, and I just have to realize that I’m broke, and that if I want to do all the things I want to do this year, I have to be wise.

And lastly, foam rolling and trigger-pointing. I’ve had extreme head aches twice a week since I was about 12, and no one has found a solution to the problem – other than drugging me to sleep. I’m sick of taking painkillers, and I’m sick of headaches. Releasing toxins from the muscles by foam rolling and applying pressure to trigger points with that spiky yellow ball will hopefully be the solution. When it comes to foam rolling, frequency is more important than duration, so I’m trying to get it done no less than once a day, but preferable 2-3 times a day. It is probably the most painful thing I can think of.


Also, if you’re still wondering why you should limit your sugar intake – read my article about it here.

And I’d like to congratulate my dad’s girlfriend’s daughter, Kristin, with a gold medal in the Battle of London Crossfit – let’s just say that you know you have a strong core when you can do this

The essential fitness equipment

I overheard someone on my way home from the gym today talking about how they couldn’t afford working out because it’s so expensive. Now, I believe that working out can be pretty much free if you want it to be – the nature is there for everyone, and there’s not much stuff you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Forget all the super-foods and seeds, forget the designer workout clothes and forget the ab-roller from TV-Shop, here are my personal essentials to being active and healthy every day.



Proper running shoes

I cringe inside whenever I see people running in Nike shoes with no support. Try twisting the shoe and it won’t even resist you from bending it in two. Yeah, they’re awesome, they look fresh and they are fashionable, but they will eventually injure your feet, legs and back. Get your feet checked out by a specialist and listen to their advice regarding what shoes you should wear. A person who has supinated feet and runs half-marathons will be needing other shoes than the best friend who pronates and likes running intervals. I’ve tried numerous brands, but have come to swear by the Asics Nimbus model or Mizuno’s shoes, based on my feet and my exercise needs. These brands have started following Nike in terms of cool design, so if you’re one of those running with Nike’s on your feet – pretty please find a better alternative.


A heart-rate monitor

Yeah, it’s a tad expensive, but exercising becomes so much more fun if you have one. It’s of course a bit more useful for running in terms of logging distance etc, but I only run intervals once a week (inside), and the rest I sort of only do weights, and I still use it every day. It’s great to pay attention to what heart rate zone you’re working in in terms of what your goals are when you lift weights, it’s motivating you when you run and it helps me stay in the fat burning zone when I do cardio at night. Mine also has the option of downloading workouts and will thereby tell you when to rest between your sets etc. I prefer Polar, but I’m sure there are others out there that are cheaper – mine gives me a star or trophy if I’ve worked hard enough that week too. Bonus points.


Lifesum App (previously called ShapeUp)

When I was losing weight, I tried paying attention to the amount of protein I ate based on my exercise, and also made sure I ate the amount of calories I needed. In the beginning I sort of wrote it all down and made calculations online, but that proved to be slightly time consuming, until I discovered the app that was then called ShapeUp. It lets you put in your details, your goals etc, and makes calculations on how much protein/fat/carbohydrates/calories you need. Now, I’ve had some questions regarding if you should trust this app, and the answer is to some extent no. Let it serve as a guide, but don’t obsess over it, I’ve found that it for example suggests the minimum amount of protein you should eat each day, rather than the optimal amount. Let it track your food and workouts, but use it with a little dose of common sense – we’ve learnt to not fully trust technology by now, haven’t we?


Don’t worry about the supplements, or all the complicated things you can get into when researching exercise. Just get started!

Losing 10kg the healthy way

I know I’ve said that this is no weight-loss blog, but I shared these tips with my dad (on his request) and figured I could share them with you too. It’s January and there are always someone out there who’s New Years resolution is to lose x amount of kilos in a certain amount of time – usually too short time. These people normally get impatient as they don’t see results fast enough, and either end up putting more weight back on than what they initially lost or they simply give up. There is no quick-fix solution to losing weight and keeping that weight off. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it the healthy way.

  • Incidental Activity

A little hour in the gym every day equals 4% of your day, and 2% of your week, so it’s pretty obvious that what you do for the rest of the day matters in terms of what happens to your body. Incidental activity makes you live longer, and keeps your body active. Make sure you move at least 30 minutes a day. Choose the stairs, walk to the grocery store, ride a bike etc.


  • Be aware of what you put in your mouth

It’s no secret that to lose weight, energy in must be less than energy out. This does not mean that you should starve yourself, but you need to choose the right nutrition. Lean proteins, complex carbs and plenty of fruit and vegetables is vital to feel full longer. Quit sugar and processed food that only provides empty calories, stick to food where you recognize the ingredients. Choose water when you’re thirsty and fruit when you’re craving something sweet.

  • Be a little strict

Your body is usually addicted to certain food without you being aware of it. It’s not always fun to exercise when it’s 35 degrees and sunny outside, and all you want to do is lay on the beach and eat ice cream, followed by sunset beers. But sometimes you just have to. It’s okay to say no when someone offers you unhealthy food, it’s okay to be strict and eat a banana rather than a chocolate, and it’s okay to get your act together and get your ass to the gym. It’s only a little hour of the day, and the beach will still be there when you finish.


  • Not all at once

It doesn’t matter if you fail once in a while. You didn’t get fat from one ‘bad’ meal, and you won’t get instantly thin from eating a healthy one. You will therefore not hit rock bottom if you enjoy a chocolate now and then. Consistency is the key. Don’t let the setback make you give up, simply start again the following day.

  • Find an activity you enjoy, and do it 3 times a week

It requires once a week to maintain, twice a week to get better, and three times a week to improve and change a body. By finding something you enjoy doing, exercise will become more fun – and maybe even something you look forward to doing. Let it be ‘your time’ of the day, and appreciate the favour you’re doing your body.


  • Small milestones

Ten kilos can seem like a scary, and extremely vague goal. Even though that is the final destination of your journey, it’s smart to set achievable milestones within that period of time. Things like fitting your jeans from last year, improving the skin, attempting to stay away from all ‘bad’ sugar for an entire month, lifting a certain amount of weight, running 5 km in less than 30 minutes etc.

  • Find a way that works for you, you’re supposed to live that way

Not everyone likes getting up at 5 to do a spin-class, and not everyone bothers doing bikram yoga five times a week. Figure out how things work for you and your habits. Food and exercise should not be something you have to hate dealing with every day. Make it a lifestyle, and it will become easier to keep the weight off.


  •  Lift weights

Strenght training is the most efficient form of exercise in terms of toning the body and losing weight. Muscles burn fat, and the more muscles you have, the more fat you will burn. Strength training also strengthens the bones and the brain, and protects your inner organs from damage.

  • Trust the process

There will be days where things are going to go against you, and that is when you You’re not gonna always have lost weight when doing your measurements. It is recommended to lose about 0,5kg-1kg a week to maintain the weight-loss, and it’s enough to weigh yourself every 3-5 weeks. Do measurements of your body, it’s a lot more fun to to know the results in centimeters, as weight doesn’t tell you the difference between muscles and fat.

  • Stay positive, ask for help if everything goes wrong

You can’t always do everything alone. Losing weight is a tough battle, and you might just need a support system able to handle the stuff that you’re not capable of dealing with. Get a gym partner or a personal trainer, and let these people be responsible for checking your weight and doing your measurements to avoid you becoming fanatic about it. Listen to those who are educated, listen yo your body, and should you need a break – take one. It’s easy to hit the wall a little too fast and a little too hard.



1,5 year ago

photo 5  IMG_5201

A few weeks ago

New Year, New You?

You know you’ve been out of Norway a bit too long when you have to Google translate things from English to Norwegian when writing articles for your dad…


Anyway. Happy New Year my dear little fitness freaks (and stalkers), a New Year – a new you, isn’t that what we all try to tell ourselves? I personally believe, that all you need is a new morning, to change whatever you’re not happy with, but now that we actually have 12 fresh months ahead of us, we might as well make the best of them, right?



I’ve had a blast in Sydney, and whatever slight definition of abs I had before I left, is now gone. HOWEVER, I’m not crying. I know that all it will take is another two weeks of doing what I love to do, to get back to where I was before Christmas.Food has been left in charge of the hosts, but I have tried to keep some balance in there (if you ignore my day-long eating parties from Christmas Eve New Years Eve) and I’ve pretty much had oats and eggs every day, I’ve also aimed for my daily portions of fruit and chosen water, coconut water or a freshly squeezed juice (beetroot, apple, carrot, celery and ginger – get in me) over soda and wine (particularly after I discovered that Diet Coke contains the same chemical as that used to clean garbage bins..).



There has been time for the occasional workout too, but I’ve spent plenty of time soaking the sun and laughing with my crazy fellow Norwegians. We should all remember that what matters is what you do for the rest of the year, not necessarily what you do for Christmas.




As a result of putting my body through a lot of stress before Christmas, I have pretty much been sick ever since I left for Sydney. Eating food with sugar has for sure not helped my recovery, so I’ve said that there will be no cheats until I feel like myself again. This might, however, has happened yesterday when I was all by myself and very bored …..


See, things don’t always go my way either. I did my first run of 2014 in Sydney, and it was bloody hard, I had to stop several times and my heart rate was abnormally high considering that I was running very slowly. I forced through a leg session Friday morning and even though I increased all my weights, I actually threw up before I left the gym because I had pushed my body too hard. Still sore from that leg session by the way. On Saturdays I always pick whatever exercises I like the most and do them without too much structure, and it’s usually fun, however this Saturday was a struggle and I left the gym drowned in sweat. New week, great start, I thought to myself this wonderful Monday morning. 30 minutes of 4×4 intervals, 15 minutes of core-exercises and 15 minutes of foam rolling later…


HELL, is all I have to say. This is brutal. But I still do it. I love doing it. And I can’t wait to get back to where I was. Motivation is what gets you going, habit is what keeps you going. Make it a lifestyle, guys – all it takes is 4% of your day.