This is me

I might be a 22 year old Norwegian chick lost in the streets of Melbourne where I am currently doing my bachelor of media. So why yet another bloody fitness/health/clean eating/love yourself kind of blog, you ask. WELL. Besides this being a part of my assessment for one of my subjects, I happen to have developed a passion for these things and as my old blog sort of suffers the design of a frustrated high school student, I decided to go for a fresh start.

I have never been overweight. Never had THAT bad of a diet. Kept the candy for Saturdays. In fact, my parents are very health conscious and I was never fed much soda or candy as a child. My sister and I were the kids with parents turning down coke and handing us a bottle of water in kids birthday parties, and we always had more vegetables than anyone else on our plate (okay, my sister drank – yes drank – sugar as a child and might be suffering from bad vision now as a result, but we both have great food habits). I might have hated it back then, but boy am I happy I learnt to drink water when thirsty and eat nutritious food when hungry now.


So where were we? Yes, I never had a bad diet. I had the good carbs, the good protein, the veggies, eventually learnt to like salmon…and a little bit of crap food on top of that. I have always been physically active, figure skating was my life when I was younger and then I got into weights and interval training – and I guess that is where I have landed.

I happen to be very injury prone, and the stories behind the injuries are typically very stupid, you name it – I have probably done it. But I learn. I learn slowly and I learn the hard way, and believe me – I get yelled at all the time, my physio, my dad, my friends.. but the important thing is that I am learning.


Anyway, my real journey started in January 2013 when a friend came to visit in Melbourne and had changed her way of eating. To not make it difficult, I decided to simply follow her ways and I guess I never stopped. I believe in eating food that nourishes your body, food that your body will benefit positively from. To me this means quitting sugar, quitting nasty food with preservatives, quitting wheat, and as of recently, also avoiding dairy to the best extent due to a lactose intolerance. Hard and unnecessary, some might say, worth it, I would say. I am, after all, stuck in this body for the next 60-70 years. The key is consistency, to keep going and remember why you are doing this. Why you load your plate with delicious vegetables and other nutritious deliciousness, whilst other choose the greasy cardboard pizza. Why you drag yourself to the gym, whilst other choose the TV.

But please note, my candy-Saturdays are sacred. This does not mean I stuff my face with candy every Saturday (okay, sometimes it does mean that), but if there is anything I crave during the week I know Saturday is the day to have it – because of course, I crave things too.

Yes, I am addicted to working out, hence being there 9 times a week might sound crazy obsessive to some. BUT, the day it stops being a part of my “me-time” and starts becoming a hazzle, is the day I will stop working out that much. And it is important to note that working out for me can be anything from a killing interval-session to going for a walk in the park around my neighborhood. Furthermore, I am no expert, I have no health or fitness education, I am simply doing what works for me. I often have to work around things because of my injuries, and I therefore believe there are no excuses – only different solutions.

There is no magic pill, there is no secret, it is all about the decisions made every day.