Breakfast tip; two-ingredient-protein-pancakes + progress

You’ve probably already guessed that I’m no Picasso when it comes to presenting food in an appetizing manner. When I rang my little sister for her birthday last week, she was in the middle of making pancakes with her boyfriend and I had to admit to her that I have never been able to make pancakes. I can follow the recipe and they taste nice, they just never look like pancakes and they always break when I try flipping them.

Being in Norway over the European summer equaled plenty of occasions where I had to prepare and bring my own food, you know; failing to plan = planning to fail. Anyway, I stuffed around with salads, overnight oats, omelets, left-overs from dinner, etc, but one of my friends kept bringing little pancakes, and needless to say – I was jealous.


When realizing that the ingredients were simply eggs and bananas, I was sold. It took a couple of rounds of complete failure before I managed to make anything that even slightly looked like pancakes, but I finally succeeded last weekend. Even though I am a major fan of my usual breakfast (porridge/oats w/nut-butter & fruit, and a boiled egg), changing it up now and then is nice.



So. I smashed two bananas and two eggs, some cinnamon and cardamom in a blender, and then I added frozen blueberries (damn I miss picking blueberries for free in the forrest…). Fry them in coconut oil (gives a delicious coconut-y flavor), I realized that it was easier to make pancake-looking pancakes when frying them in smaller doses. Voilà!


And you guys.. this abs-project is killing me. I’m trying so hard, but apparently not hard enough. I’ve almost got 1,5/6 down haha, but Jesus, I think I need to eat even cleaner and push those ab-sessions even further. God damn it. I’m not saying it is impossible, but it sure is harder when you barely eat meat. Anyway, got my measurements done today and I’ve finally gained some muscle! A tiny amount, but still – baby steps, you know. I’ve also dropped another 1% body fat. Come at me cheat-Saturday!



Battling food cravings vol.2

Just popping by to tell you that despite being sick and annoyed that I can’t taste much, I’ve been creative in the kitchen again. Okay, not that creative, but more creative than soup for the third time in a row.


In general, not being able to do cardio and having to sit on my bum all day makes me more hungry and I tend to crave bread of some kind.. Now, living in Australia means not much access to healthy bread, and as I avoid wheat, new methods had to be found. Yes I know of plenty healthy bread recipes, but my dinner today took about five minutes to put together and I needed a quick fix to my cravings.

Luckily, Norway has a bunch of great health/fitness bloggers, and I thought I’d share Dedication’s version of a microwaved bread. I had to alter mine a tad as I didn’t have all the ingredients, but it became a success! It is delicious when fresh, great when toasted and can be altered to function as a sweet-tooth fix as well.

You need:

1 egg, 4 tbs almond flour, 1 ts baking powder, 1-2 ts of psyllium husk, 1-1,5 dl of water and spices desired (I used oregano, sea salt and garlic). Mix the ingredients in a micro-safe container, put cling wrap over the box and put in the microwave for about 4 minutes on the highest power.

(I’m gonna make it into french toast tomorrow and will be adding some stevia, cardamom and cinnamon instead of the savory spices).


My roomie Line is still going strong with her no sugar in the weekdays by the way. The cravings are slowly easing off, but she has had to fight a few battles with her own brain to avoid attacking the towers of candy she got for her birthday. The other day I found her two seconds away from putting her hand in the corner of the kitchen containing candy at 9 pm. She had in other words struggled all day to stay away and was ready to give up right before bed time (yes, we tend to pass out a tad early – getting old), and I had to be harsh and tell her to grab a banana, and she did. Today she asked me how she could make frozen raspberries into something sweet and tasty. Proud Marita.


I never used to like bananas, but now I eat at least 3 a day. (I never liked eggs too much either, and today I’ve had five..). Feeling very sorry for myself and my ankle resulted in me wanting ice cream so I magically whipped up some banana-peanutbutter-icecream and dipped strawberries in it. Great excuse to procrastinate my uni assignments..

Anyways, you need:

A frozen banana (possibly two or three, depending on how much you want) – I was too impatient so my banana wasn’t really frozen though, 1 tbs 100% nutbutter of some kind (no, the peanut butter you find next to the Nutella at Coles is not healthy) and a tiny bit of almond milk. Smash it all with a hand blender, pour it in a bowl and top it with raw cacao and nuts of your choice.