Unfortunately, taking a break from real life requires a bit of catching up when you get back. I’ve almost been sitting on my ass all day long, every day, since I came home. I’ve had headaches for the past.. 72 hours, my back is aching and I’m so tired my eyes are stinging and get teary when I close them. And that is why working out is SO important to me. In spending so much time sitting still, my body needs that little hour of doing cardio or lifting weights every day. 60 tiny minutes. 4% of the day. It also needs the appropriate nutrition. Otherwise, I would crash.



I was constantly working at uni for 7 hours yesterday, with my weekly 24-hour pounding headache in the background and when I was heading home, I was very tempted to skip going to body balance and just go to bed, I did after all smash my leg workout in the morning. But my headache doesn’t really allow me to sleep anyway, and whether I choose to go to body balance or not, my headache will still be present. So I went. And it helped. Stretching my back and all other kinds of tight muscles is probably the best I can do when I feel like I just wanna hide in the dark. Line went to spin-class with a massive headache too, and when we were talking on the way home, we discussed how much harder doing things really is when you have twenty elephants on top of your head. I guess I’m just trying to say that sometimes you have to push through and motivate yourself, but listen to your body. If you’re like my other friend, Lillian, who’s stuck with crutches and half a finger missing, maybe stay at home – but if you’re just tired from sitting down and working/studying all day; go do something.


The other day, I was talking to Nathan, the poor guy in the gym who’s had to listen to all my complaining every time we do measurements or every time I want a new gym program, and I realized how much of a transformation he’s gone through without me even noticing. First getting to know him, he knew absolutely nothing about nutrition and probably didn’t care too much either. He’s probably one of the pickiest people I know (he barely likes fruit……), and we’ve had some interesting conversations/arguments in terms of food, i.e. I believe kids shouldn’t get sugar at footy-practise vs he thinks it’s fine. Anyway, he’s quit eating chocolate every damn day, and is now monitoring his carbs, fats and proteins. He’s even looked up what his typical food contains and calculated his average daily intake. He was saying that it doesn’t really require too much work or thinking, once you sort of know what you’re doing. And that you can eat as much vegetables as you possibly want. And he is of course right.

IMG_4124Tip; stock up on fresh vegetables so that you’re forced to prioritize eating that before it goes off

I am so proud. Like, words can’t even describe how proud I am. He wasn’t really interested in trying anything new or caring about food in the beginning, and I can’t take all the creds for what he’s done, but I like to believe that deep down somewhere I did inspire him just a little tiny bit. Forcing him to try sushi was a big step for humanity. But for change to happen, you have to be interested and willing to try new things. Forcing someone to the gym or to eat things they think they don’t like is pointless if they’re happy the way things are.


My goal with this whole thing is to inspire people. I don’t care how many I inspire, as long as there is a possibility for changing someones attitudes into something better. I get these little messages and emails from you guys all the time, and they make me happy. It boosts my confidence knowing that I can positively influence the choices you make. It is also important to me that you know I’m not always good with everything and that I have shitty days where I don’t wanna get out of bed, but that’s when good routines play an important role – you just do it, because you’re so used to doing it no matter what.