Two way french toast

Saturdays are normally dedicated to my second leg-day of the week, but being as handicapped as I am, it has now been turned into a “do whatever I want” in the gym day, and it might stay that way because I really enjoyed that gym session! Despite limping and being awesome with my ankle brace, I managed to pull off a complete hour of pure joy (and sweat).


Even though it is important to push all of your muscle groups into working throughout the week, it is also important to enjoy what you do. Considering that I sort of ran out of muscle groups to kill pretty early this week (yeah a whole workout dedicated simply to triceps isn’t gonna happen), I decided to simply pick all my favorite exercises for the upper body and core and make it a workout. Push-ups, face pulls, rear delt flies w/ cables, triceps pushdown w/ rope, dips, scull crusher, lat pulldowns, bicep 7s, hanging leg-raises and plank x 3. Nailed it.


You know how they say that it is important to keep track of your workouts and log everything into a system? Yeah, I’m not really that organized, but I have found my own way of recording and remembering my workouts. Tiny notes and post-its! They are all finely stuffed into the pocket of my jacket and I never have to worry about losing them. They obviously only make sense to me, but that doesn’t matter. I do, however, keep track of my measurements and body fat, how much energy my body needs to stay alive etc. in a folder. Sort of. Simply trying to prove to you that having a system for what you do when you are working towards a goal, doesn’t have to be hard. As long as you can keep up to date with it.


Line and her no-sugar-in-the-weekdays-routine has resulted in the making of french toast quite frequently. I’m easy to influence, and pretty much every time she cooks something – I want it too. When swimming on Friday, my friend Tara told me that she always makes her french toast into a savory version with avocado and tomatoes. Now, I like having my cake and eating it too, so I figured I’d give both a try. Great success!


I used the microwave-bread as a base. Added savory spices to the savory one, and cinnamon and cardamom to the sweet version. I take it everyone knows how to make french toast, if not; mix 1 egg and milk of desire (I used unsweetened almond milk) in a bowl. Add cardamom and cinnamon if you want the sweet version, if not – skip them. Put the slices of bread on a plate and pour the mixture over. Let it soak, and fry until golden on each side. Serve with vegetables if savory or bananas and warm berries if sweet.


Yeah yeah, I know they don’t exactly look like chef-material, but they were so filling, and so good! Promise.