Do I have to go to the gym THAT often?

It does not really matter what you do as exercise, but how you do it. Don’t force yourself to the spin-class that your friends do unless you really want to (that would be me), don’t run 10K every day if you’re more of an interval-runner, don’t do a 5-day split-program if you prefer working your whole body at once. And the same goes for food. Don’t force down that canned tuna if it makes you throw up (that would be me again), don’t drink that green spirulina-shake if you can’t handle the taste. You get where I’m coming from.


I often have people asking me how I do it, and what I do – but it is so important for me to emphasize that you have to do it for YOU, that you have to find what you’re comfortable with, what you can look forward to in your “me-time”. So maybe I, and all the other girls you follow on Instagram, go to the gym more than usual. Maybe we eat things that you would never put in your mouth. Does that mean that you have to? No.


The average person probably works out about 3 times a week, and that is more than enough if you do it right. The national recommendations for physical activity is 30 minutes every day, that isn’t really too much is it? I’m pretty sure I spend thirty minutes walking to and from the bus and to the grocery store every day, and then I work out on top of that. I’m just saying that, depending on your goal with your exercise, you might want to do it in another way. If your goal is to be shredded for Stereosonic or very muscly and defined with low body fat, then yes you are going to have to put in more effort than the average person who just wants to maintain his/her health. We all want different things, and we all adjust to that.

On a completely different note, summer is slowly arriving in Melbourne (just as my thermal underwear came from Norway..) and I thought I’d celebrate with some watermelon, strawberry and lime sorbet/slushie. Delicious, refreshing and nutritious. You need frozen watermelon, a couple of strawberries, half a lime and some hot water. Smash it all with a blender and enjoy.

IMG_3560 IMG_3561

I should also tell you that I cooked my own meat to perfection last night. Yes, I do eat red meat now and then too. But you have to remember that vegetables are the main ingredients in my dinner no matter what I eat next to it, not the other way around. I was told how to cook a scotch fillet over a glass (or fifty) of wine on the weekend, and I shall share it with you, just in case you are as horrible as me when it comes to cooking. Fry the steak in some coconut oil on high heat for about 3 minutes on each side (depending on the thickness of the meat) and let it rest for the same amount of time, wrapped in aluminum foil. When people learn that I don’t eat this and don’t eat that, they always go “but where do you get your carbs from??!?????”, there’s carbs in vegetables too guys, have you ever heard of potatoes? And I discovered something delicious yesterday, frying brussel sprouts and mushrooms in coconut oil is amazing. Just saying.



But she’s already skinny

This girl. She’s got a point. When did it become okay to criticize other people’s bodies and automatically assume that they do what they do because they want to be skinny? People freak out once somebody starts doing something different. I didn’t cut the crap food to fit into a size 25 in jeans, I cut the crap food to take care of my body – it is after all the one thing we are stuck with for the rest of our lives.

This is my little sister, she has always been little, and growing up all kinds of professionals, kids and grown-ups found it appropriate to accuse her of having an eating disorder. You don’t feel particularly cool when people think you’re sick, and all you did was growing up. Who said they had the right to assume so? Nobody. ‘Cause they didn’t have the right to say anything. Looking at pictures of our mom and comparing them to her, we found that they look identical. Genetics, guys, genetics. Does that mean she shouldn’t be exercising and shouldn’t be conscious of what she feeds her body? No, of course it doesn’t.IMG_2243

And the exercising, it does come with benefits you guys! Yes it can be annoying having to drag your sorry ass out of the couch just as Home and Away (my fave) is about to start or when you’d like to sleep just a tiny tiny bit longer before uni, but routine gets you going. I automatically get up and do what I always do, and it’s not even annoying anymore – it makes me happy. Sleeping for another 60 minutes isn’t really gonna make that much of a difference to your level of tiredness that day, but moving your body and nourishing it correctly will eventually provide you with energy.


Not to mention, cellulites disappear, stretch marks look less visible. Maybe not all because of the diet (okay, cellulites actually do disappear once you control what you eat), but because you’re not noticing it as much. You start noticing the way the body is responding to the way you’re treating it (I do, for instance, get the worst and most horrible hangovers after I’ve been out – it is a massive struggle) and you start noticing the positive things your body is capable of doing.


I’m not gonna lie though, of course you notice the way your body starts toning up and the way muscles you didn’t know existed appear as the body fat lowers, and I guess that is where it is easy to become obsessed. And that is where good friends and a great support system comes in. Just remember, there is a difference between being worried and between being opinionated – not everyone is striving to be as thin as possible, maybe the “thinness” just came as a result of changing something bad into something better.